Cathedral at Pompei is a multicultural, urban, parish school that exemplifies the principles of the Catholic Church and the teaching of Jesus Christ.  We strive towards educating the whole child: mind, body, and spirit.  The faculty and staff, as part of Our Lady of Pompei/St. Peter Parish, work in conjunction with the community at large and our school families to develop academic intelligence while fostering integrity and respect for the students, thereby encouraging them to take their place in the Church and Society in the 21st  Century.

Approved by Father Caruso, Parish Council, Faculty & Staff 12/27/14, Bishop Cunningham 1/12/14

Teacher appreciation day!

We thank God for all of our amazing teachers! 



 The Syracuse City School District provides meals to school aged children throughout the school closure regardless of whether the student attends a city school.  

Please see the graphic above for more information and locations.  

If you need  assistance, please let us know.  Thank you.  


let us pray

 Loving Father, thank you that you are my creator, you know me better than anyone else. Help me to use the mind you have given me to learn and study effectively. May I learn with humility and grace. May I grow in wisdom as well as knowledge.   In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. 

Thank you!

We couldn't do what we do without all of the amazing people who help us each and every day!  Thank you!

our leadership team


father daniel caruso

father daniel caruso

father daniel caruso

 Father Daniel Caruso was inspired to seek the priesthood shortly after his Confirmation by Bishop Thomas Costello at St. Daniel’s Church. When the new Pastor, Reverend Gene Yennock arrived in the parish, teenaged Daniel Caruso became especially aware of the kind and happy church leaders who served as witnesses of the Faith. Observing the work of these model priests led him to Le Moyne College and the St. Mary’s Seminary and University, in Baltimore, Maryland. (St. Mary’s is the oldest Roman Catholic Seminary in the United States.) Reverend Daniel Caruso was ordained on June 4, 1994.  Since 2001, Father Daniel Caruso served as pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption and St. Paul’s Church in Binghamton. In 2011, as the newly appointed pastor of Our Lady of Pompei/St. Peter Church, he quickly became a beloved parish priest who guides Cathedral Academy at Pompei School. 


ms. tina seymour

father daniel caruso

father daniel caruso

Miss Tina Seymour has been part of the Pompei Family for several  years.  She has worn many hats on her road to principal.


mrs. lucy paris

father daniel caruso

mrs. lucy paris

 Cathedral Academy at Pompei is both a privilege and joy to be part of. It’s warm and loving atmosphere is coupled with a strenuous, competitive academic curriculum that makes us stand out and be noticed.  The children and people in the building are a constant reminder and example of God’s work every day. CAP represents what our great country stands for and was founded on… the welcoming of hard working immigrants that’s goal is to provide the best opportunities for their children. We couldn’t be more proud that our 3 boys received their elementary education from Pompei . Their success at the high school and college levels and their deep spiritual faith is reflective of those formative years at Pompei. It’s a great place to be…come and visit…you will fall in love!!! 

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