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Outstanding Educators

      Teacher Professionalism at Cathedral Academy at Pompei

     Some of the wonderful charecteristics that CAP teachers possess are


  • A strong understanding and appreciation for Christian Roman Catholic beliefs.
  • Committment to collaborating with family and community members 

  • Are comfortable with the school and the Northside community setting

  • Understand and appreciate cultural, linguistic, and ethnic differences.

  • Know how to implement an inquiry-based curriculum.

  • Know how to work with children learning English as another language.

  • Know how to implement an activity-based curriculum.

  • Willing to work before and after school and on special weekends for school projects without monetary compensation.

  • Willing to work with  parent's organization, attend meetings, plan events, and participate in all fund-raising events.

  • Respect diverse religious traditions. 

  • Are regularly involved in the improvement of credentials through in-service programs.

  • Believe in peaceful conflict resolution as they manage their classrooms and schools.

  • Believe in the mission of the school and actively promote the school through special programs.

  • Enjoy starting new initiatives and seeing them through to fruition.