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About Us

Cathedral Academy at Pompei (CAP) students and families originate from 5 Continents and 17 nations. Most children speak and understand 2 or more languages including English. Most of our families are refugees who fled their countries because of wars, famine, and natural disasters. They are bringing new life to the United States and those at CAP want their children to be educated both spiritually and academically.


The Northside has traditionally been one of the settlement areas for those new to our nation. The Italians and Germans were prominent in the early 20th Century, then the Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians and other Southeast Asian groups moved into this sector, and now African, Middle Eastern, and South Central Asian populations have joined the neighborhood. Since Syracuse’s population has dropped to 140,000 people, there is room for new arrivals. Inexpensive housing and work in local hospitals, factories, educational institutions, and construction continue to draw many to the area.


The Northside community is growing in vibrancy, due in large part to its diversity and the Prospect Hill Development plans. Implementation of the plans include redesigning and improving St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center and the rehabilitation and creation of homes that attract many to this area of Syracuse.

Three commercial areas exist along major streets on the Northside. They include small shops and businesses owned by individual and family entrepreneuers. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center dominates the area. It hires a culturally, economically, linguistically, and ethnically diverse workforce who are the potential population for new housing development. The children of these new citizens are ideal candidates for Cathedral Academy at Pompei.